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"You are not the only Rib or dingy manufacturer in South Africa that I have been talking to over the past 3 months but let me tell you it has been such a pleasure dealing with you form the very first telephonic conversation we had. I wish you everything of the best in the future and hope your company goes from strength to strength. You really deserve it. Let Wild Cat become the manufacturer of choice."

Kevin (Wildcat Rib customer)

Soft Bottoms

The fully inflatable soft - bottom, inflatable keel and hi - jacker boats can be deflated and folded with their floorboards fitting inside them requiring less space.
For most purposes one does not require a trailer nor a centre consol with other accessories to be fitted.
Soft - bottoms are ideal for a number of uses from lake runabouts to yacht tenders or even surf/rock launches
for lobster catching to spearfishing. The high speed Wildcat Lightning 4,1m model is designed by a well known inflatable boat rider offers exhilarating speed stability for adrenaline junkies or serious racers.

Wildcat Inflatables are built and designed using only the best materials and to stringent international standards to provide you with years of trouble free boating. Our models have CE certification.

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Flat - Bottoms

model length beam crew max weight capacity horse power
260 F/B 2.6m 1.6m 3 28kg 10 hp
300 F/B 2.6m 1.6m 3 28kg 10 hp
320 F/B 3.2m 1.7m 4 30kg 15 hp
Crock Duck 3.5m 1.1m 3 25kg 5 hp
350 F/B 3.5m 1.8m 4 32kg 20 hp
380 F/B 3.8m 1.8m 5 40kg 40 hp


model length beam crew max weight capacity horse power
350 lightning 3.5m 1.8m 4 50kg 30hp
400 lightning 4.0m 2.1m 5 65kg 50hp
410 lightning S 4.1m 2.1m 5 70kg 70hp

Inflatable Keels

model length beam crew max weight capacity horse power
300 Vee 3.0m 1.6m 3 30kg 15 hp
320 Vee 3.2m 1.7m 3 32kg 20 hp
350 Vee 3.5m 1.8m 4 35kg 30 hp
380 Vee 3.8m 1.8m 4 45kg 40 hp
400 Vee 4.0m 1.9m 5 50kg 50 hp
450 Vee 4.5m 2.1m 6 60kg 70 hp