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"You are not the only Rib or dingy manufacturer in South Africa that I have been talking to over the past 3 months but let me tell you it has been such a pleasure dealing with you form the very first telephonic conversation we had. I wish you everything of the best in the future and hope your company goes from strength to strength. You really deserve it. Let Wild Cat become the manufacturer of choice."

Kevin (Wildcat Rib customer)

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS)

Our deep V monohull RIB's are built to suit the extreme coastline of South Africa and is suitable for recreational and commercial use.


  • They offer a dry, comfortable ride in any sea conditions due to an excellent V - hull with 4 chimes running the full length of the hull. The 6m and up inflatables have 5 chimes.
  • The 5m and up has a well designed hull with concaved chimes which creates a soft and stable ride.
  • Our inflatables have exceptional width and lots of deck space with a motor well and back seat fitted as a standard feature in the 5.3m and up class.
  • All our RIBs from 3.6m up have live-well hatches, a large anchor hatch / front seat, a very handy feature.

3.0m to 4.7m

model length width crew max weight capacity max engine hp
SR300 3.0m 1.65m 5 500kg 20hp
SR340 3.4m 1.70m 6 650kg 30hp
SR360 3.6m 2.0m 7 750kg 40hp
SR400 4.0m 2.1m 8 850kg 60hp
SR470 4.7m 2.3m 9 1000kg 85hp

5.3m to 6.5m

model length width crew max weight capacity max engine hp
SR530 5.3m 2.45m 8 1000kg 2 x 50hp / 1 x 90hp
SR570 5.7m 2.50m 10 1200kg 2 x 60hp / 1 x 150hp
SR610 6.1M 2.55m 12 1500kg 2 x 90hp / 1 x 250 hp
SR650 6.5m 2.55m 15 2000kg 2 x 115hp / 1 x 300hp / DIESEL

7.1m to 12.5m & cat

model length width crew max weight capacity max engine hp
SR710 7.1m 3.1m 18 5000kg 2 x 130hp / 1 x 300hp /DIESEL
SR800 8.0m 3.1m 20 6000kg 2 x 200hp / 1 x 350hp/DIESEL
SR10 10.0m 3.2m 30 8000kg 2 x 250hp / Diesel
SR 12 12.5m 3.3m 35 10 0000kg 2 x 300hp / DIESEL
CAT 5.0m 2.5m 10 1500kg 2 x 60hp / 1 x 150hp